Seamus Breathnach’s examines Irish society through its norm-creating as well as its norm-breaking agencies. These include the Church controls of Ireland’s State -- its Schools, Law, Police, Courts, Prisons, Media and much more...


18.) Links.








Irish Criminology


Doras Directory of Irish Website


Irish Law Site


Government of Ireland Website


Home Office: Research and Statistics


Nice One. Com – General Information


Irish Council For Civil Liberties


Irish Political Prisoners Information Page


The Court Service


The Law Reform Commission


British and Irish Legal Information Institute


The European Union On-Line


The Institute of Criminology, University College, Dublin


The Law Society of Ireland


The Council of Europe


The Moriarity Tribunal – Payments to Politicians


The Flood Tribunal – Planning Matters


The Lindsay Tribunal – Infection with HIV and Hepatitis C of Persons With Haemophilia


An Garda Siochana


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